Slaying the dragon! aka Nacimiento night tournament


A July Naci night tournament! Oh yeah! Boats launched at 7 pm and weigh in was at 3 am. I really enjoy night tournaments, especially at Nacimiento. The lake can get really crowded during the day in the summer months, which means lots of boat traffic, muddy water and sad bass:( Studies have shown that bass do most of their foraging at night in the summer so night tournaments give us anglers an opportunity to take advantage of that. Because of the low light conditions your sense of touch/feel is enhanced and when a good size spotted bass blasts your lure it really gets your heart racing. 
Look mom! A dragon. Bring your drop shot lets slay this beast. 
My game plan was to drop shot until it got dark then throw reaction baits (spinnerbaits, lipless crankbaits) and some jigs/chatterbaits. Started just outside snake creek and didn't catch a thing until it got dark. Boo. 
When night finally feel upon us, I was able to catch my first fish on a black spinnerbait with a #5 size willow leaf blade. The black profile of the bait shows up better under low light condition (aka moon light). It was a really nice spotted bass so I was pumped! Ended up catching 4 total and pops had 1. If we were fishing a team tournament we would have done well, but since Ambushers is an individual tournament we didn't do so hot. Think I finished 11th or 12th. Winner won with jigs by the dam.   

One of the key take home points was to have some back up blades for my spinner baits. During the tournament a fish busted the blade off my spinnerbait and I did not have another one of that size (#5).

Naci is a lake with a lot of spotted bass that are about the same size (fisherman call them clone fish), around 2 pounds. If you catch 10-11 pounds of fish you are looking good. One fish in the 3-4 pound range to add to the clones and you're set. There are largemouth bass at Nacimiento and it is a good strategy to go for a couple of them either around a dock or in some stick ups. I feel the spots hang around the rocks @ Naci more than the largemouths.

I attached some instructional videos for how to rig a drop shot. A great Nacimiento bait. If you are going to fight the dragon, bring a drop shot. The pro in the video is Skeet Reese a big time bass slayer. 

sky man out like a trout.