If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you are with.


Since I can't fish the lakes I love, why not love the lakes that are near me now? That is exactly what I did when I attended my first meeting of the Castaic Bass Club held in Valencia, Ca near Magic Mountain. The club meets the Thursday before the tournament at El Torito restaurant. The Club fishes Castaic Lake, Castaic Lake Lagoon, Pyramid Lake, Piru Lake and Cachuma Lake. All with in an hour from where I live in Santa Monica.

The membership year will run from January through November. All members will pay the following dues or fees:
Annual Dues-$25-payable upon joining the club in January, reduced to $15 if joining in July 1 or later.

A. Monthly dues-$10.00 each month, including the month of joining. All fees are due at the monthly club meeting. Members must pay their dues before tournament day!

B. Monthly tournament fees-$10.00 for each tournament fished. $5 big fish option is available for interested members.

C. Non-boaters are required to pay their boater fishing partner the following minimum amounts to cover their share of boat operation expenses.

Castaic Lake: $30.00*
Piru Lake: $35.00*
Pyramid Lake: $35.00*
Casitas Lake: $40.00*
Cachuma/Lopez Lake: $70.00*

My first tournament with this club was to be @ Pyramid Lake and my boater was Brian. Castaic Bass Club fishes a team tournament format, which is great because it builds camaraderie. Gate opens @6 am the low was 41 F,  high 68 F and partly cloudy. Weigh in was at 3 pm at Yellow Bar.
Brian and his boat.
Brian was a great guy, new to the sport. We did not have the best day because this lake was new to both of us. I should have done a little more research before hand as well as map study but I thought Brian would have a good game plan. We caught two keepers on the flick shake, which I will find to be a common occurrence in this club.
Me giving my signature thumbs up! 
Why is it called Pyramid Lake? I don't know:(

Here are a couple of videos on the flick shake:

Take home lessons from this tournament were to step in and make suggestions, especially when fishing with someone who is new to the sport. Also learn more about the flick shake! 

Wiggle, wiggle, make those bass giggle
With a flick, flick here and a shake, shake there
Uh oh! Here comes Billy Bass...