It's spring and my hands smell like fish.


The second tournament with the Castaic Bass club kicked off at Piru Lake. I drew Walt as a boater, a young ambitious angler like myself. I looked for some good spring time water on the map and Diablo cove as well as the cove near the marina seemed like good places to start. I also wanted to try to fish a little in the river portion of the lake.

My baits of choice for this tournament were the senko, spider jig, spinnerbait and a crankbait. I left my drop shot at home not realizing that it can be a very productive tool for shallow bedding bass. Walt was catching them left and right on the drop shot. 

Between the two of us we caught 16 bass, I caught 4 of the 5 keepers. We had a limit by 8:00 am. Walt fished the drop shot most of the day with a 4" roboworm in oxblood on a short leader. I caught bigger fish because I was fishing a larger profile bait. The senko is a bulky 5" bass inciter that shimmys slowly to the lake bottom. I prefer to fish it weightless and wacky style. 

Our total weight was 10.55 pounds good enough for a third place finish out of 14 boats! A big key for us was the decision to fish the cove by the marina the hour before weigh in. We caught three good fish there enabling us to cull two of our smaller fish. The winner came in with 12 pounds and said they used spinnerbaits, although I was not that convinced they were honest. Fisherman tend to fib from time to time. 

Another bait I am starting to hear more and more about is the Ika. Made by Gary Yamamoto fished on either an okachobee rig or weightless reverse Texas rig. It has a slow fall similar to a tube. 

Ika rig: