Lopez, an old friend of mine.


Last time I had the pleasure to fish Lopez I caught a monster! A six plus a bag of chips pound fish, see pic below caught on a spider jig (Gary Yamamoto):
6.65 pound bucket mouth fatty aka Lopez Lunker :)
I figured Lopez in the summer would be a great day. The weather started off cool and overcast which is nice because Lopez has a reputation of howling like a hungry wolverine. I started off fishing in the Lopez arm with reaction baits. My dad and myself caught a lot of fish but most were dinks, probably young fish a few months old. Pop caught a nice keeper on a senko but we had to make a move because we needed size.

The rest of the day I concentrated on main lake areas with my spider jig and drop shot. Ended up with 3 keepers for an 11th place finish, not that great. Winner worked drop shots on main lake points.

Take home lesson was to fish main lake in the summer and leave the shallower areas for spring time. If I do fish areas with shallow water, concentrate on the deeper portions where fish can recover in post spawn. On a positive note if I had not made the adjustment during the tournament I could have skunked (zero'd).