It Takes Two Tammi!

To make a dream come true! My float tube mistress, Tammi, came through on our very first date. Not only did she satisfy me once, she gave it to me a second time.

First float tube go out. 
I originally planned for a test run, not expecting anything, just making sure I would be prepared for a second date. Did I give her enough air? Where should I stick my extra rods? Do I have the right kind of fins?

First bass of the day.
Like any great first date, you don't want to move too fast, but you want to make sure to give the other party a sign, so they know you are interested. This fine line between classy and trashy is a tough one to balance.

Mid battle with bass number two.
If she would have stood me up (shown up with a hole in her tube or something), I would have been devastated. If she came out with me, but I didn't catch anything, it might be awhile before I take her out again (I'm talking bass not crabs, this isn't deadliest catch people). Finally, if I took her out and she hooked me up with 20 ten pound bass, I would think geez, this is a little too easy.

Tammi balanced this fine line between classy and trashy like the great Shawn Johnson did the balance beam at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Tammi might not of won gold but she metaled in maturity in my eyes! Giving me a taste, not stuffing me to the gills by putting me on two nice bass! Equivalent to a heavy make out session with some tushy touching. Like Ace of BASS says, "I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign!"
Way to balance that beam Shawn!
Tammi made my dreams come true on our first date, can't wait to see what she does for me on our second! Is it too soon for 6 ten pounders?