From Fremont Street to The Strip.

Vegas Baby! Don't mind the open container.
What better place to spend the end of the year than at the Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas Nevada! Looking back on a really exciting fishing season for me. I won my first tournament, beating out 39 other anglers at Santa Margarita Lake in April. I also discovered I enjoy writing! It has never been one of my favorite activities in school, I was more of a Bill Nye guy. Writing is a great outlet that quenches the brain like an ice cold Gatorade after a long run. Each thought put on paper is a newly swallowed gulp of liquid. Ahhhh.

For the year I fished 10 tournaments, 2 more than my goal of 8. Below is a summary of my results. I missed a couple months because of weddings, but it was well worth it to see some good friends take the plunge into the pond of marriage.

Month Lake Results Total Anglers
February Lopez 9 20
March Pyramid 13 16
April Santa Margarita 1 39 $
April Piru 3 14 $
May Cachuma 8 13
June Lopez 14 30
July Castaic 10 13
September Castaic 2 13
October Pyramid 3 12 $
December Piru 5 11

Average 6.8 18.1

Ah, Bass Pro Shops Las Vegas... The outdoormans Toys-R-Us with booze, gambling, guns and giant aquariums. I stocked up on some supplies for the year and took notice of all the wacky T shirts and crazy bass memorabilia. From bass mailboxes, bass wine holders, bass doormats and even a DVD entitled Girls Gone Grabbin 2! Which is about girls who wrestle with giant catfish a technique called doodling. Lots of fishing related stuff at this BPS.

Giant aquarium with ornaments.
That bass is thirsty, give em some vino!
Stuff that bass with some junk mail!
Not short on silly shirts at BPS.
Me too!
I don't know about you but I am getting turned on.

In the New Year I hope to take my blog from Fremont Street to The Strip. Add a little more glitz and glamor with some videos and the introduction of my new float tube, Tammi. Not completely turning my back on the charm of old Vegas, just wrapping it up in a fancier package. I mean, Vegas would be nothing without Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, Celine Dion would still be in Canada singing at hockey games if it wasn't for them. In 2012 I hope to catch my first ten pound bass, fish at least two FLW big money tournaments and eight tournaments in all.          

Hi Tammi. 
If only my blog could look like this guy. Flashy Vegas Elvis.  "I'm a hunk a hunk of burning love."
So here is to another year of, "All On The Line", lets see where the bass gods take us this year. Carrie Underwood might say, "Jesus take the wheel", but us bass fisherman like to say, "Cletus take the reel."Just watch video below and you'll see:

Skyman out of 2011 and into 2012.