Life is Fishing...

Life = Fishing

We are all chasing after something we can't see, hoping what ever it is we are going after, if we catch it at all, fulfills us in some way.

There are many people in life that never go out and get a tackle box. They figure what's the point, I'll never catch anything, why waste the money?

Some people know exactly what to buy and where to cast, catching fish after fish, filling their limit and going home.

Others stay on the water their whole lives, becoming the osprey, searching and catching never looking back. Addicted to the thrill of the game.

Another group of people are confused, not sure where to cast or when to set the hook. "Was that a bite or did I just snag some weeds?" They look back at past catches wondering if they let the "Big One" slip through their fingers. Lost in a murky sea with a blanket of fog on the horizon.

At the end of the day, some people in life don't like to fish at all, some fish to catch a limit, others want to catch everything that swims and the rest of us like to fish but aren't sure why., but all of us that got up out of bed, tied one on and caught a few, wonder about the one that got away... the one we never got to see at all.

Sky man out.
Thought I would bust out a philosophical post for ya'll, considering it's the holidays.