Hey Pyramid Bass...bite me.

See the Pyramid?
And bite me they did. Our tournament at Pyramid lake October 16th, 2011 was a blast and a half from kick off to the hot dog on the way out. The bite was on early and continued through out the day. It started as a top water bite and evolved to a slower deeper more finesse bite.

2 of our 4 fish limit.
It was only my second time on the lake so I did not know what to expect. The lake was really weedy which made certain lures frustrating to use. Early on it was perfect conditions for top water. The water was warm, there was a lot of shad boiling along the surface and near the shore line and the weeds gave the bass ideal hide out spots to ambush their prey. The majority of our fish came up from the weeds to hit a spinner bait, fluke and popper. We also caught fish on a drop shot, crank bait and Ika.

The Ika master. 
A good tip I learned from my partner was how to fish a Fluke Jr. with a stinger hook. I usually fish the full size fluke (5 inch model), but my partner used the smaller 4 inch model and it looked great on the surface! He missed quite a number of fish so he added a stinger hook to the back. The hook weighs the bait down a tad so the action isn't as realistic. When I find myself with this predicament in fishing I always keep the action true on my bait rather then adding a hook or more weight to help land more fish. If you never get the bite to begin with how are you ever going to land them? 

Our bass sack for the day. 
I was able to catch a fish with the Ika for the first time so that was exciting. I got some tips from the master himself and he taught me to use the rod to move the bait to get more feel rather than using the reel.
The hotdog guy!
When it was all said and done we ended the day in third place with a total weight of 9.75 pounds of bass. To help celebrate our great day on the water we bought hot dogs from a guy on the way out, where I got the last bite! I may not eat bass but I love dogs! Sorry peta.

Skyman out.