Let Me See That Kong!

When I say Kong I mean giant ape Kong. There is an island on Castaic lake with a giant ape attached to it called Kong Island and it would prove to be pivotal to our success at the Manny Nunez Annual Memorial Bass Tournament held at Castaic Lake this last September. The tournament is a club challenge event that pit our club up against 8 different Southern California Bass Clubs. To win the tournament and get your clubs name on the trophy, would mean you had the highest combined three best weights compared to the other 7 clubs. My partner for this event was George and we were really excited to represent our club and kick some serious bass!

Hello George.
Mr. Kong himself. He loves America. 
At the meeting before the tournament I talked with George and he mentioned to me that shad colored worms were a hot bait in the late summer. Anything that went along with a shad pattern was a good bet. So I stopped by Sports Authority (not my usual tackle spot but time was an issue) and cruised the isles for shad baits. I purchased some roboworms in a prizm shad color that looked really good to me in the 4 and a half inch size. I also got a 4 inch BBZ gizzard shad swimbait and tied on a revo topwater popper as well. I was ready for thems basseys.

Mr. Revo
So the tournament kicked off with a bang! George took us to Kong Island which was about 100 yards from shore and had an anchored booey with a King Kong figure attached to it and an American flag sticking out of its rear end.

Yo mister monkey, you mind if we fish here? 
We pull up to the island and start fishing. I got a blow up on the revo and was not paying attention so the fish was able to spit out the hooks before I could get a good hook set. A good sign that the fish were active, but made me feel dumb. A few more minutes passed and fish on! This time I got em, a nice 2 pounder on the drop shot prizim craw robo worm.  Ten minutes later, another fish on and as soon as you can flip a pancake we had 4 fish in the live well and it was only 8:30 am. That's what you call a good morning of fishing.

Another view point of the Island. 
I gave George some of my worms because the fish were not getting excited for the color he was throwing. The only problem was I only had one bag! Drama! Usually I don't like to share worms with just anybody, but George is a cool enough guy and since I am a team player, I did what I thought would give us the best odds of getting our clubs name on that trophy. So George grabbed a worm out of my sack and we did laps around that island like we were middle school kids running the mile, all morning long drop shoting our roboworms.
A Castaic Lake Landscape. 

The conditions changed on us around 11:00 am, the sun came out, the wind picked up and the bite died down. We made a move to another part of the Lake which turned out to be a bust so back to the muscular arms of our buddy Kong once again! Hold on loosely Kong, but don't let go. We caught 7 keepers for the day which ended at 12:30 pm, not bad. Of the ten worms that I had at the start of the day, only one remained at the buzzer. Our total weight was 6.8 pounds good enough for 2nd place with in our Club and more importantly our weight was included in our clubs weight. Thanks to our great ape friend, the Castaic Bass Club got it's name on the Trophy for 2011! 

The final weights for the day. 

Our total weight. 
All in all a great day out on the water. We had a BBQ at the end of the day where I ate two burgers, one for me and one for my primate brother from another mother, the Gorilla on the rocks.

Bye Kong...hope to see you again soon.