"I've been travleing for some time...with my fishing pole and a bottle of shine."

Bubba Sparks is my favorite rapper of all time! I love me some Tupac and Biggie but neither incorporated my favorite hobby into one of their songs. Bubba on the other hand, must be an avid angler because in his very popular song deliverance he talks about getting tore up on moonshine while traveling with his favorite companion, Mr. Rod himself. I can definitely relate to the traveling, fishing and boozing! I don't always know where I am going but with a fishing pole in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other I don't really care.
Speaking of boozing and bassing check out this video of the back woods Bill Gates, real name Norm Price. He came up with the brilliant idea of making lures out of beer bottle caps! Hell Yeah Norm! He has stumbled upon a hat trick of Wayne Gretzkey proportions! Oh the life, catching a buzz a bass and some bucks all while recycling. This ones for your Norm! You inspire me.     

Backwoods Bill Gates. 
Maybe Bubba will run into Norm on one of his traveling benders and they will become best friends. I think they would have a lot to talk about, I just sure hope they invite me for a day out on the water. Their guiding service would be called Bubba and Backwood Billy's Beer Bottle Cap Bassin Adventures, Their slogan would read, "We can't guarantee you catch a bass but we can guarantee you a good buzz!"    

Skyman out