Cut The Crap

When I was younger I would cut fishing line with my teeth, until i started to notice they were wearing down at an alarming rate. If I would have kept this up, by 25 I would be purchasing my first pair of dentures. Sure, it would have been a cool party trick to pop out my teeth and say things like, "get er done," or "pass me the yogurt," but I was not ready to go full hillbilly yet, so I switched to nail clippers. Which are great until you need to cut your nails and they are buried in your tackle box or boat.

That is why it is a good investment to have a set of line clippers whose sole duty is to cut fishing line. Boomberg Tool Company was kind enough to send me a sample of their product called, "The Snip," which is a retractable heavy duty line cutter with an LED light. The stainless steel jaws cut clean and smooth and have no problem cutting through braided line. The LED light allows you to do your cutting in the dark, which is very handy on early mornings.

The retractable cable is a key feature so you can attach the tool to your person or belt loop, that way during a tournament you won't waste time looking around the deck of your boat just so you can cut your line. This is the moment the thought pops in your head, "use your teeth, they aren't going anywhere." Well sure at that moment in time, but if you keep using them, you will lose them! 

Cut the crap, stop using your teeth, ditch the nail clippers and get the man-i-cure upgrade to "The Snip." Your teeth and nails will thank you for it.

Skyman out.