The Fluke is No Fluke.

The Fluke (3/0) and Fluke Jr (1/0). 
Fall for me equals pumpkin spice lattes, clean air, goofy sweaters, football, and shad. Bait fish really ball up in the fall and can create a bass feeding frenzy. If you can find these balls of bait, you will find the bass, and there is no better bait out there than a fluke for imitating a dying shad.

A little morning cruise. 
The fluke is an underestimated, underutilized bait in my opinion that often gets overlooked for the fancier more expensive hard baits on the market. There is not much to them, they are 3"-5" pieces of soft plastic that come in a small bag. They may be soft but they are hard to beat in the fall. It's subtle movements when paused remind me of a senko but it can also be fished as aggressively as a rip bait, or on top like a walk the dog type lure, you could even rig it on a lead head and bounce it off the bottom making it one of the most versatile baits in your tackle arsenal. It's main job is to imitate a dying shad and it has never seen an unemployment line.
Oh baby! Get ready.
So it's no surprise that it played a pivotal role in our teams first place finish at Pyramid Lake October 14th, 2012. We started off in the morning using top water to no prevail so we switched up to the fluke. The cove that we were fishing had lots of bait, so we knew the bass were feeding on shad, we just didn't know if the fish wanted an aggressive approach or a more subtle presentation. The fluke proved that subtlety was the key that opened the door to feeding bass but it was a door that kept closing on us through out the day. We only caught 3 keepers on the fluke, one coming on a hula grub, so it was not a wide open bite. But it was just enough to squeeze out a victory by 0.22 lbs over second place. Our total weight of 7.85 pounds just beat out the 7.63 brought in by Walt and Orin's son Andrew.

Orin T. and Angel A. holding our winning weight. 
In the Fall when the going gets tough, the tough tie on a fluke. So next time you're in line at your nearest tackle shop wearing a goofy sweater, drinking a pumpkin spice latte, don't Fall for the gimmicks and go with the original and best soft jerk bait on the market, you won't be disappointed.

Skyman out.
It's a Fluke party ya'll.