Tug Me Tammy, One More Time!

The time had come for Tammy and I to tango! It has been too long since our first dance, so I thought what better way to bring us together then with the erotic and sometimes down right dirty moves of the tango. 

First bass of the day on texas rigged creature bait.
The Castaic Lagoon was the backdrop for our routine. Everything was going smoothly until the wind butt in and started whirling us all over the place, making it difficult for me to make my move and fish as thoroughly as possible. It managed to finally push us to the very back corner of the Lagoon. Nobody puts Tammi in a corner, not even Mother Nature! We responded by getting a little dirty and catching another really nice bass, see below:

Nobody puts Tammi in a corner. My Patrick Swayze face (RIP).

Like the wonderful and often forgotten about, tasty treat of cinnamon and sugar on buttered toast, Tammi did not disappoint. I promised to take her out again soon but next time, we are going square dancing. The tango gave me the spins like a high school kid drinking moonshine down by the train tracks.   

Skyman out!
A Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias), best angler on the water.