Havasu Heartbreak Day 2...

Got to love a good desert sunset.
My partner for day number two was a guy named Guy, no joke. Currently in 12th place (out of 117), he had a lot to fish for. With a chance to make the final cut (the cut being at 10), there would be no messing around this morning. Guy was flashing a full frontal flavor savor with a touch of just for men's gel, I'm guessing to savor the taste of victory for a few extra days if he happened to win. What this told me about the man, was he had a game plan and an organized boat. Anyone willing to spend time getting all Picasso on their lower lip hair must live and fish in a clean environment.

My keen awareness of his facial hair situation was spot on! It was an honor to bring my gear on to the the back deck of his boat. Less clutter meant no distractions, just fishing! The only problem being that fish don't care about facial hair or clean boats. The real story on day number two was the wind! Gusts were up to 40 mph blowing our faces like a torch and really ruining Guy's bite from day number 1. This supreme breeze made it difficult for me to fish the smaller finesse baits I like to throw from the back of the boat. I had to switch to a heavier arsenal of jigs and a texas rigged soft plastics. Guy ended the day landing two keepers (not enough to make the cut), while I was able to pull out just one.
Unfortunately bigger trucks don't = bigger bass. 

Finishing 78th out of 117 humbled this salmon greatly, like a burly Alaskan grizzly bear. Stopping me mid leap, hurting me temporarily and putting things into perspective so I could make the educated decision to jump again or swim back to sea. The weekend may have left my figurative flavor savor filled with defeat, but tomorrow is another day and I just bought a bunch of razors from Costco.

Alright, so it wasn't all heartbreak. Beautiful 4.03 pound Lake Havasu Largemouth.