I catch a HOG near a log!

September 10, 2010

What a lunker! The story behind this big fish starts out as a family vacation in Ojai at the Blue Iguana. I asked my Dad if he could bring down his boat so we could get in a little fishing at Casitas Lake and he said sure. So I was pumped knowing that Casitas has produced some of the largest bass ever caught on record. I started rigging up rods with a big swimbait, spinnerbait a drop shot rig and one of my favorites the old spider jig.

I met my Dad at the opening for the lake and we find out that there is a ten day waiting period for boats after they are cleaned and inspected. This is because of  the “Policies & Procedures for Vessel Inspection for Quagga Mussels”, which requires a 10 day quarantine process. Long story short we can't take the boat out. We decide to fish a little from shore. I was throwing a white spinnerbait with double willow blades.

3/8 oz Stanley Wedge Spinnerbait w/double willow leaf blades and trailer hook. Don't forget the trailer hook. 

I caught one keeper bass out of the weeds so I kept throwing the spinnerbait as I walked down the bank. With the wind blowing into the cove I cast my bait into the wind and realed it into a medium sized log knowing that bass like to face into the current. BAAM! Bass on! I set the hook and leaned like a chollo to get that sucka to shore. I was shocked at the size. My scale was not with me so I snapped some pics of the fish laid down next to my rod and got a measurement that way. The conversion was 9.19 pounds. What a beast, so close to my goal of ten pounds. Some day I will land a double digit largey.

So pumped on this fish! Camera on the rocks solo shot.
The basic formula for calculating the weight of a largemouth bass or smallmouth bass is: length x length x length divided by 1600. ((24.5")*(24.5")*(24.5))/1600= 9.19 pounds! Man I wish I had my scale. Look at that belly. 

Take home lessons for the day included a new respect in the spinnerbait as a big fish bait, great around cover.

sky-man out